Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Kitchen Timer

OK, so I use the digital kind...but you know what I'm talking about. It's the ol' kitchen timer. Most of us have one; if not free standing, then on our microwaves, or ovens, or even our watches. But, did you realize that it has so many, many uses?'s great for baking, cooking, its probable original purpose. In our house however, it goes far beyond the kitchen. We use it for time outs. We use it for the quick clean up-15 minutes to get the toys off the floor, or they belong to Mommy. We use it for regular cleaning- how much dusting can you get done in 20 minutes? We use it to practice for the FCAT- 1 minute to do 100 math questions. I use it when I'm doing chores or paying bills, etc- OK, guys, when the timer goes off, Mommy is all yours again. The list is just about never ending....I should carry one in my purse. I remember when ours broke not that long ago and I was so lost! When I went shopping...I picked up 2. Can't have that happen again. Ever!

But the biggie....the one that it really works well for is sharing. If I have a morning of constant bickering over every single toy that gets pulled out, the same crayon or marker or sheet of paper, I simply pull out the old timer and tell them that when the timer goes off, it is the next person's turn. Works every time. Not sure why. And I don't ask. I don't care. It just works and that is it. All my kids know this technique and I even see the older ones using it with the younger ones or I hear them tell another sibling, ok, let me just have it for 5 more minutes and I'll give it to you. You can even time me, they say....putting the control in the other's hands. And they are always fair about it. Wow....what a gadget this timer is. Forget the calculators, computer, the beepers of past, the cell phones, the ipods/mp3 players, this is the gadget to, too. The good ol' trusty kitchen timer. You learn so darn much, being a mom!

Now, where's your kitchen timer?

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