Monday, September 5, 2011

In my purse??

What the??? I am not sure how my purse turned into a storage unit the size of a small room, but it did! I actually own "my grandma's purse". It's right here by my side. I remember when I was a little girl and I had to have a purse. It was small and empty. A lip gloss maybe, a change purse with a few coins in it. Sometimes I had erasers in there that I bought from the elementary school store. Then I graduated. Or so I thought, anyway! Graduated to the big time I had my car keys, even a check book in there, a real wallet with real money and sure some make up, too and OK, maybe a few odds and ends as well.

Then....I became a mother. Oh I fought it, I did, but much to my chagrin, my purse got bigger and bigger. Now I had medicine in there, markers, crayons, band aids, the like. Maybe a baby toy or whatever I needed for a trip where I might need to entertain the kids. Some things, I would inherit from the kids along the way.

Before long, I became a MOM (mom of many) and wouldn't ya know gets worse. Not only do I accumulate much stuff in there, I have a lot less time to go through it all and clean it out. Plus, it seems that I forget what I have in there and so then I throw stuff in there that I think I need, but it's actually already in there! Go figure....

Well, I am stuck at home today waiting for the refrigerator repair guy (not broken, just part of a recall) and amongst other things that have to get done; IE: laundry, bills, balancing check book, cleaning a bathroom, I decided it was also time to clean out the ol' purse. It was kinda scary! Kinda like that kid song, "Empty out my Pocket". I must confess, it's been a while, but here is a little taste of what I found: 3 batteries, 2 rocks, 1 shell, probably about 30 receipts, approximately 15 pens/pencils, gum (yes, chewed; no wrapper!), the gum wrapper (hmmm?), a water bill, after school enrichment form and brochure, a few stickers, a slew of coupons, address labels, stamps, 2 calculators, 1 very crumpled envelope, C's PT schedule, a few barrettes, 1 scrunci, 1 tube of polysporin, band-aids, paperclips, various business cards, my eyeglass script, a medicine dropper, various sticky notes (unused and in different sizes), a couple of sharpie pens (OK, so I always have at least one: lots of kids+sports+drinks+water bottles+other items that need to be labeled=sharpie pens all over the place!), and a few checks that need to be cashed. (woo hoo, at least that's one good thing!)

HUH???? How did this happen, exactly? I would definitely win at that game you play at showers "what's in your purse", because let me tell you, I have all the usual stuff in there, as well. You know, a wallet, cell phone, check book and of course as any self respecting busy MOM does, my camera, my ever important "tide to go", "after bite", germ x, and some pics of my kids! My purse weighs more than my 4 year old!

But, for now, it's all cleaned out....ready for another busy week of golf, volleyball, softball, baseball, physical therapy, CCD, a dentist appointment, playgroup, G's friend's birthday party, a trip to the grocery store and probably Target for that b-day party! Makes me wonder what will turn up in my purse next?

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