About Me!

Here's a list of 10 fascinating facts about me that you never knew you'd want to know!!

1. I'm a MoM first and foremost....to 7 of the best darn kids out there. Yes, even on bad days.

2. My kids are my inspiration and joy. They are also my headaches and stress. Oh and a few grey hairs.

3. I've been pregnant many times, but somehow ended up with 7 kids who seem to belong to me perfectly. God knows what he's doing.

4. I'm religious, but not overly so. I won't talk religion or politics. It's a personal belief that is meant to be private and respected. I'm tolerant of different religions, but not so much when it comes to politicians. Not politics...just politicians. Get it?

5. I will sing back when spoken to. As in: Kid: "Hey Mom, I'm home!" Survivor Mom: insert singing voice and a few images of musical notes here/ "Hey Mooommmm, I'mmmm....hoommmme!" /insert more musical notes here. I do not know why I do this or where I picked it up, but no one seems to mind.

6. I talk in Robin-ese...you know Batman and Robin. As in the original series. You're still shaking your head. Click here to read more! I know I'm aging myself a bit admitting this but I grew up watching it with my older brother. Repeats of course. Anyways....aside from a whole lotta onomatopoeia words being said and/or shown on the TV screen....Robin would always say things like Holy Ice Cream Cake, Batman. Or maybe, Holy Bat Cave, Batman. Well, that would be me. Is that strange?

7. I'm old....I am. I'm what you'd call a 40 something. An early 40 something. But still....a 40 something. I had to admit that because, well, I talk Robin-ese.

8. I grew up in the '80's. I love '80's music. My kids love '80's music, too. They must. Or they would have to leave.

9. I remember a ridiculous amount of Seinfeld episodes. I refer to them often. Sometimes I can relate to them. I love that show. It's probably not normal, but I don't care. It was a funny show.

10. I love a clean house, but I hate to clean. Does that make sense?

And 1 more for good measure, just like the old chicken and egg controversy....I'm really not sure what came first my insanity or my kids. Holy Insane Asylum, Batman!!

There you have it. Complete randomness all about moi!
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